Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GOGORITA "incalzirii globale" expusa de doi jurnalisti irlandezi: Phelim McAleer si Ann McElhinney. VIDEO

Dear Friends,
And we're off! We started the final leg of our race to the Oct. 18 premiere of Not Evil Just Wrong with a rush of activity last week and have another busy week ahead. It's a good kind of busy.
We're selling DVDs, premiere packs and related movie materials through our redesigned Web site in preparation for the big premiere. Be part of the movement by throwing your own cinematic "tea party" in your home or on your campus.

We announced our premiere plans at the annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington last week. Ann rallied the youthful troops with a rousing recap of our unique strategy to bypass Hollywood."We're going to have the largest-ever simultaneous premiere screening of a film on planet Earth," Ann said. "On the 18th of October at 8 p.m. Eastern, people all over the United States are going to press 'Play' at exactly the same moment, and you are incredibly important to that effort." Premiere hosts will get movie posters for their front doors and red carpets for their porches.

"You can say to [your guests], 'So who are you wearing?' as they come in the door," Ann joked in a reference to a Hollywood catchphrase.The Young America's Foundation has posted video of our appearance at its conference on Ustream.tv, or you can watch select segments as we post them to our YouTube channel.

Before the conference, Ann and I chatted with popular radio host Laura Ingraham about our documentary and the hysteria that runs rampant through the environmental movement. Her program currently airs on 340 channels and averages 5.5 million viewers per week. We had some fun imagining how Hollywood would portray hysteric-in-chief Al Gore, who doesn't have the courage of his convictions to debate critics like we did at the student conference.Speaking of Hollywood, we were interviewed for a story in Big Hollywood, a group blog that examines culture and politics from a decidedly non-Hollywood perspective.

Phelim also was a guest on the nationally syndicated "Jerry Doyle Show," Washington Times Radio, "Wisconsin's Morning News," and Chris Ferrell's radio show in Charlotte, N.C., and Ann appeared on "The Brad Davis Show," which airs from Connecticut. The movie also earned mentions on the U.S. blogs Graymatters and Infidels Are Cool, the Canadian blog Dr. Roy's Thoughts, and the Australian blog Thoughts On Freedom.

Ann and I are keeping busy this summer both to promote the movie premiere and also to keep the threat of job-killing global warming regulation foremost in people's minds.This week, we'll be guests at the RightOnline conference, a gathering of grassroots activists who are holding their second annual meeting in Pittsburgh. We will screen the movie Friday evening and ask them to join our premiere night Oct. 18 by hosting parties in their homes.

If you haven't already made plans for a party of your own, please take a few minutes now to order your premiere pack. Be a part of history, and help us set a world record!And please forward this e-mail to your friends and family. Thanks for your support!
-Ann & Phelim


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Anca said...

Problema 'verzilor' este suprapopularea. Aceasta pentru ca ei percep inmultirea 'excesiva' a populatiei ca pe o amenintare directa asupra mediului inconjurator, atit prin modificarea/poluarea acestuia cit si prin epuizarea resurselor de hrana, energetice, etc. Insa teoria falsa a suprapopularii a fost inventata la cererea si cu sponsorizarea paturii supra-bogate a omenirii care au inteles la un moment dat, ca aceasta crestere continua a numarului de locuitori ai planetei va duce cu timpul la incetinirea procesului de imbogatire proprie, sau chiar la oprirea lui completa. Rationamentul este foarte simplu: resursele planetare fiind finite, exista doua optiuni: Fie cei supra-bogati impart aceste resurse cu restul populatiei, fie se inlatura 'surplusul' de populatie. In mod evident, s-a ales varianta a doua.